Account Manager

Seeking Motivated Seller Extraordinaire

Unlimited Earning Potential! Ginormous Penthouse Office! World Peace!

The listings for sales jobs make some pretty outrageous claims (see above). But at Inceed, we take a different tact: we shoot straight with you. Here’s the gig:

What It Is:

  • Selling a Recruiting Firm: If you get companies to use consulting solutions and hire our people, we’ll give you money.
  • Not as Gross as it Sounds: Forget what you’ve heard. Yes, we’re a recruiting firm. But don’t worry. We pride ourselves on not being like any other recruiting firm.
  • A Foot in the Door: We prefer not to hire from competitors. We don’t operate like them, so we don’t want to bring any of that culture here. Instead we promote from within.
  • No Experience Necessary: In fact, we prefer you not have any experience in the recruiting world. We’ll teach you what you need to know. You bring stuff like a strong work ethic, integrity, smarts, and a gag reflex for drama and office politics.
  • Sustainable: You’ll have to learn the job. But we know you need to live on something other than Ramen noodles while you learn, so we pay a decent base plus commission.
  • A Chance to Make Big Bucks: We’re not going to say “unlimited” because, well, you want a life outside of work, right? But the earning curve is seriously steep. Work hard and you’ll be rewarded. Lots.
  • A Chance to Make a Difference: That’s not cheesy, it’s true. We help people literally change their lives by finding them a better situation, a more promising job, greater compensation for their family …
  • 4 Weeks of Training: We have openings in Houston. But the first TWO weeks of training is in Tulsa. Hey, we said we’d shoot straight with you.

What It’s Not:

  • 9 to 5: It’s actually 7:30-5:30 or 8-6. You pick. We work an hour extra so we can get every other Friday off. (That’s 26 Fridays a year). PLUS a 50% remote work option after 4 months in office.
  • Success at the Expense of Others: We work crazy hard to make a bundle and get promoted. But we’re all on the same team, so we actually support each other.
  • Cushy: Not going to lie, we give—and expect—110%. But we make it fun. We’re a competitive bunch, winning bonuses, trips to Cabo, time off and more. It’s hard work. But somehow, it’s awesome.
  • 10 Layers of Bureaucracy: We’ve got smart people around here. So we don’t bury them under a blanket of middle management. Wanna talk to the partners? Do it.
  • High Turnover: We must be doing something right. People come. People tend to stay.

The Tedious Details:


· Represent our consulting services and solutions to companies

· Cold call, generate leads and referrals

· Daily local travel

· Aggressively grow customer base

· Create, present and deliver customized Accounting/Finance recruiting and consulting services to prospects

· Manage relationships with new and existing candidates/clients

· Expand range of services used by current customers

· Fit in, have fun, and don’t be a jerk (shooting straight again)


· Bachelor’s degree

· Desire and ability to sell

· Excellent communication and selling skills

· Organization and time management skills

· Self-directed and goal oriented

· Enjoy building a territory/developing new business

· Desire and energy to perform and earn


· Base salary plus commission

· Aggressive bonus plan for exceptional performance

· Competitive benefit plan

· Mileage/travel expenses






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