Lead eCommerce and Fulfillment Coordinator

Searching for a motivated individual with a passion for fashion and luxury resale to join The Refind Closet at the forefront of the live shopping movement. Role would involve spearheading growing eCommerce Team through the management of Instagram Live shopping events, fulfillment of all online orders, and potential expansion into strategic website design and merchandising.


Must be able to operate and multi-task efficiently in fast-paced environments!

  1. Instagram Live Shows.
  • Communicate merchandise brand, description, size, and price as it is being modeled in real-time.
  • Relay questions from shoppers viewing the show to hosts and models in real-time.
  • Announce winners and oversee organization of items purchased.

  1. Online Order Processing and Shipping.
  • Manage a positive and efficient check-out process for online shoppers.
  • Uphold highest standards of packaging quality and respect for items.
  • Create, send, and log shipping labels through organized UPS account management.

  1. Website Merchandising.
  • Collaborate with the Marketing Team to curate a visually captivating website.
  • Strategically merchandise products to enhance the shopping journey.
  • Photograph and upload handbags and accessories every week; handle all Shopify order processing.

Growth Opportunities

In addition to the above responsibilities, Refind offers exciting and fluid role trajectory:

  • Short Form Video Marketing. Unlock the potential to contribute to the brainstorming, filming, and editing of Refind’s innovative short-form video marketing content.

  • Email and SMS Marketing. Be a part of our dynamic Marketing Team dedicated to crafting compelling email and SMS marketing newsletters.

  • TikTok Shop Expansion. Refind is debuting on TikTok Shop in Fall 2023, presenting an exciting opportunity for a full-time team member to collaborate and add operational value to our TikTok Shop Team.


No prior fashion or luxury resale experience necessary! The Refind Closet will offer all necessary training.

Looking for an individual eager to learn and grow with the company. Ability to learn quickly and ask questions in order to produce top tier results. Strong multitasker, communicator, leader, and peer. Passion for designer and luxury resale. Creative thinker and out-of-the-box marketer.

Required Schedule (32 hours)

  • Monday @ 8:30 to 4:30
  • Tuesday @ 8:30 to 4:30
  • Wednesday @ 8:30 to 4:30
  • Saturday @ 8:30 to 4:30

Additional shifts can be chosen at individual discretion. Minimum of 32 hours per week.

Why Join Us?

The Refind Closet is proud to be a frontrunner in the live shopping movement sweeping luxury resale brands across the nation. Through hands-on, operational involvement, you will have the chance to learn, grow, evolve, and polish your marketing and fashion experience. Every day is different, and that is one thing we love about Refind!






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