Marketing & Events – Entry Level

Job Description

We are interested in hiring for 3 Marketing & Events positions available for people with an interest in learning:

  • marketing & public relations skills
  • communication and client relations skills
  • brand representation & account management skills
  • recruitment, team building, and leadership skills
  • and other general business practices

We host regular on-site and digital training workshops to ensure you have a full understanding of how to promote a brand, engage with customers, explain features & benefits, etc. We also provide ongoing coaching and operate as a team because individual successes add up to the companys overall success!

Marketing and Communications degrees are encouraged as theyll be helpful to your development, but not necessarily required since we offer comprehensive training. We dont have specific requirements in terms of work experience, however, it is recommended that you have some experience in working with customers in a role like:

  • retail sales, kiosk work, or cashiering
  • customer service or consumer relations
  • field marketing, fundraising or surveys
  • club, bar, drink, sports, or event promotions
  • food service, bartending, drink service, etc

We also welcome people from a background with a focus on teamwork, leadership and working together to achieve a common goal or celebrate a common belief. Some of our previous employees and interns were chosen for their involvement in:

  • sports/athletics/competitions
  • school/college/university fundraising
  • clubs/organizations/fraternities/sororities
  • community programs/volunteer work
  • churches/mosques/religious groups






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