Vice President of Association Management

Position: Community Association Manager

Duration: Permanent, fulltime

Payrate: Starting at $80,000-85,000/yr + bonus structure


-Strong verbal and written communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community. -Analyze the performance of team members and hold team members accountable. -Ability to analyze and interpret the needs of managers and clients and offer appropriate solutions. -Knowledge of property management principles, procedures, and standards, as applied to residential facilities and knowledge of community association law. -Project planning skills and knowledge of the contracting process. -Skilled in organizing resources and establishing priorities. -Ability to develop and maintain personal recordkeeping systems and procedures. -Direct experience working with HOA boards.


-Previous Association Management experience. -Previous experience managing between 5-10 people.


-Ensure management team is following Gassen Company Policies and Procedures. -Achieve client retention goal by supporting team members and building relationships with clients. -Achieve profitability goal for each managers portfolio. -Identify and prepare a plan of action for “At Risk” properties. -Available to team members with an open-door policy. -Keep President informed on “Challenges” with clients and employees. -Attend required VP meetings: monthly property placement, weekly L10, Quarterly meeting. -Conduct required manager meetings: weekly L10 meeting, monthly 1-1, quarterly conversations. -Conduct annual reviews following HR process. -Interview and hire managers and terminate managers following the HR process. -Train new managers following the training process. -Revise training manual regularly. -Transition new properties and follow the transition process. -Conduct quarterly check ins with team’s board members. -Review and respond to bi-annual client surveys. -Contact board Presidents 3 months after contract renewal. -Notify boards of manager changes. -Contact board President after 45 days of manager change. -Attend board/annual meetings for or with managers, as needed. -Conduct 3 monthly property visits at associations your teams manage. -Update policies and procedures. -Review quality of work produced by managers: management reports, budgets, mailings, communications, etc. -Approve ALL annual meeting notices, mileage, PTO, Manager reimbursements. -Ensure that AppFolio is being used effectively and verify that required information is in AppFolio. -Maintain property manager calendar, VP calendar. -Manage portfolio of limited properties — see job description for -Association Manager for responsibilities






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